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As guest editor for this blog—Taking Tribal Global—this is the bit that brings you lots of cool stuff including chat and stories from Tribal Bellydancers from around the world, I invite you into my Dance Den, my virtual cubbyhole, to think and discuss Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (TM) goodness.



What do I have for you today? Some beautifully powerful words from a long-standing member of Gypsy Caravan Dance Company International, Carol Vance.  She will also be teaching at the Tribal Bliss weekend at Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon on April 25-27th. I have met Carol many times and equally as many times captured by her grace, talent and humility. Along with the other teachers I have chatted to about their teaching and what they bring to their students, I have also asked Carol about Breitenbush and what is the appeal for her about this special place and teaching at the weekend:

“Breitenbush. A place of healing and renewal. Add to that the deep play of interacting with other women who have come to explore, enrich and rejuvenate themselves and you have the glory that is Paulette Rees-Denis’ Breitenbush  Womens Retreat.       OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
It has been my pleasure to lead a basic tribal language piece in the midst of  this energetic and encompassing weekend. I never tire of focusing attention on the fundamental tribal moves that make up the foundations of our dance language. It’s rewarding and fun to be with dancers who are eager to learn for the first time or the 500th, to play and share our uniqueness within the common ground of the dance.
This will be the 17th year (out of the 21 years Paulette has been doing this!) that I’ve been privileged to join this phenomenal retreat. It is always a surprise – different each year, fresh and inspiring as the group that gathers here.
For me, it has been life changing. Especially as I go through upheavals or transitions in my own life, to step away for a timeless moment, into a world of supportive and encouraging women and fellow dancers.
carol-199x300I find this event to be a perfect time to regenerate and replenish my soul. For me it is a harbinger of Spring, an awakening of new life.”

Carol Vance (left and with Paulette, right)



Beautiful words to spur you into dance!  Let us know your plans in keeping revitalized in 2014!

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Yes, you can still register! Only a few weeks a way, and only a few spots left… do join us!

21st Annual Tribal Bellydance Women’s Weekend

–at Breitenbush Hot Springs–Apr 25-27, 2014


The 21st year…

Register  here…

Tribal Vision, Tribal Bliss- a movement journey
at Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit Oregon
A women’s weekend of Tribal Bellydance, and so much more
With Paulette Rees-Denis and Carol Vance of Gypsy Caravan Dance Company…        

 And Lynea Gillen, and  Darshan! (the Miss Cammi Vance!)

A women’s weekend of Tribal Bellydance, and so much more

This is a weekend for all women, new dancers as well as seasoned dancers!

Join our circle of amazing women, get your Tribal Groove on…

reach down deep and share the stories, the dance, the sisterhood…


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