My juice fast and you!

What is my spring cleaning fast teaching me?

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So I started a liquid fast on Monday, just with the thought of at least one day, if not three. These next few weeks are action packed for me so I did not think I could go longer than 3 days, but I knew I had to clean out my body. It has been feeling a little extra round on the outside and stagnant on the inside, and I’ve got some very full months of travel and writing and dance and fun coming up, with all these new projects coming on, (that I will be sharing soon!), plus the biz course I’m taking, and the guitar pickin’I’m doing…

I have had to keep myself a little extra busy to keep my mind off of being hungry. And then drink a cup of tea or drink another smoothie- ohhh like, beet, carrot, and celery! Yum…good stuff…

And this fast has really made me realize just how spoiled some of us are, to have a constant source of food, almost anything we desire, right at our finger tips. We can be gluttons for instant gratification, whether that be food, jewelry, even fast internet service…Do you know what I mean?

Think about the people and the animals going hungry locally and worldwide? It is making me think a lot about others outside of myself and my world, and what I can do to help. I don’t have those answers yet, but I know one way I do give back to the world is by helping feed the animals. I do little things like clicking on (thanks Karen for turning me onto this) everyday to help feed dogs and cats… and what a great adventurous young girl who started this company up. Really inspirational!

Check it out and sign up…

I also donate to places like the local Humane Society, and some bigger organizations to help with saving animals lives, whether they be homeless pets or wild creatures who are being killed out of extinction. Sometimes it feels like not enough, but I also feel good about donating back to the world in whatever way I can.

How about you? How do you give back?

To me so much of what it comes down to is taking care of myself, first, so I can do my best and most creative work, feel great in my body, know that I look my best, because all of that is empowering. Then I can give back. In my Tribal Bliss on-line course this week, the theme is Empower, and using dance, words, and more to get that power back into ourselves. In my line of work, my purpose is to give you creative folk the tools to be the best dancers you can be, to give you information you may want, to share the wealth of fabulousness out there for us to partake in, so you can be the most fabulousness yourselves! Make your life what you want it to be and pass it around.

One of the offerings I have for you are my Gypsy Caravan Tribal Intensives- Collective Soul and Teacher Training courses, plus my other online courses, are just a few of my offerings to you, with more coming at you this summer and fall. (such a tease!)

What have you told me after one of these courses?

C.L.  from the UK, writes to me:

Emotionally, Collective Soul Level One 1 did touch me on a really deep level – I started to see and to feel the true power and connection of tribal and had a hunger – no a need – to explore further. Since then this dance has seen me through so many difficult times. I think that subconsciously I have sought out that depth and power within my own dance relationships and that the sheer level of communication with my tribal sisters does wonders in providing that emotional connection.

Finding Gypsy Caravan really did feel like ‘coming home’ for me. I feel a much greater sense of contentment within my dance; the training really helped me to reflect and focus upon WHY I dance and what I want from it – and upon what to do to develop it further. I felt like I had a much better knowledge of my ‘dance self’.

And yes, I rediscovered the joy in dance!

I love Paulette’s teaching style – she is exacting but supportive (and fun!), breaks things down so well, is so generous with her wealth of knowledge and experience and always encourages you to go just that little bit further than you think you can! I also love the small group nature of the training – it feels like Paulette really starts to understand you as a dancer so that she can really support your development.

Thank you C.L. for sharing those thoughtful and inspired words. Makes me just all tingly…

 So new  Fall dates for

Collective Soul and Teacher Training Level One in Portland

this year will be October 4th– 8th, 2013

More info coming at you soon about registration…

In the meantime you can read more about these courses and what they will do for you, on this site, here…

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So back to my fast… I’m on Day 3, and feeling pretty superpowered, yesterday was tough, but I am proud that I did not succumb to food temptations! I worked out, and today I am getting a massage… not a luxury, a necessity for my well being…

Remember, when you feel good, you can change the world, by being the best you can be…

Got some feedback? Doing a fast? How do you take care of yourself? And then, how do you help others?

Power is in the giving!  (go ahead and tweet that…)

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**Oh, and next week I will have guest blogger, Kerrie Blazek!!!! She is a Pleasure Catalyst + Life Strategist

and thanks for being here…

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