What’s stopping you?

What’s stopping you?

You say you really want to do this thing.

You know in your heart it is the right step to take.

It is your dream!

It will change your life.

It will up your career.

It will help you lose weight.

It will be super fun.

It will make you feel fabulous.

It will heal your body.

It will make you more money.

It will it will it will….

And yet…

You don’t do it.

What’s stopping you?

Let’s see…who or what can you blame?

I don’t have enough time. I can’t find the time. (Time is not lost.)

I don’t have enough money. I’ll do it next year. (Won’t happen next year.)

But I really love bread. (so I’ll just be bloated and uncomfortable after I eat it.)

I couldn’t live without eating that. (So I’ll just crash from the sugar high.)

I think he would hate me if I did that. (Assuming you know that.)

I’ll just stay in this job. (She took the position I wanted.)

I really want to go to that festival but I can’t afford it. ( ahem… I won’t allow myself to afford it.)

I really want to write a book. (but my third grade teacher told me I was a bad writer.)

I’m ok with my body (even if I can’t dance the way I really  want and I don’t feel good.)

I’ll just pretend to be content. (Who am I to deserve such happiness?)

Poor me, I just can’t make that change so I can be happier. (He keeps pulling me down, and I like a little drama and will stay a victim of my own doing.)

Why should I do that for myself? (It’s too selfish to take care of myself first.)

I’ll stay here in my comfort zone. (instead of reaching for a dream of mine.)

Do you hear yourself in any of these scenarios? I hear these type of statements a lot. From clients, dancers, friends.

Why would you not want to do something that will make you feel so much better, that will make you more money, finally, that will make you incredibly happy, that will bring you the love of your life, that will move you forward with your dreams.


What are you desiring? In your heart, down deep, that would make you feel more alive?

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Small dreams. Big dreams. Daily love. Self-Connection. Body love. Healthy regime. Dreams born. Desires met. Life alive!

For right now, let me share this with you today to get your body moving, your game changing!

Change your state.

What is one little thing you can do right now to change your state? This minute?

What do I mean by that?

Your attitude, your mood, your outlook.  Only you can change it, and do so, right this minute. Don’t wait until after lunch. Now.

What will happen if you change your state? What could happen? Are you ready to make a change? In your heart, it feels like time. Finally. Someone hears you. (Me!)

What could possibly happen?

You will feel better! Get out of that stuck place. Start to move. Make a change. Get a little happier. Start to trust yourself. See that you really do want that “thing”. Get your joints juiced up. Take some action…

Get your motor running ( do you hear a little motorcycle action here? Born to be wild…thanks Stepponwolf) Head out on the highway. Looking for adventure. And whatever comes your way…

Born to be wild….

Do this now!

**Get up, out of your chair, off the couch, and reach toward the sky…Deep breath. Feel that body of yours and stretch it up, open and wide…take up some space, and breathe deep into your belly…

You need to move it, shake it- really give it a good shake down-release the tension in your shoulders and your hips, take a dance break, put on some favorite tunes. Maybe just a few minutes. Or go outside (best yet). Look up at the sky, the clouds, the sun, the moon, the stars, notice what is around you. Walk, run, squat. Swim if you have time. Walk the dog. Do some yoga moves. Kick box your chair. What kind of movement do you enjoy doing? Five minutes or ½  day. Notice. Put a smile on your face. Feel better?


How does that change your state?

Now get on with your day. Changed state. Better mood. Breathing deeper. Smiling. Noticing. Need more? Do it again?

Want more of that?

What else could you be ready for?




You are invited to join us for 

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Thank you for being here my friends… hope to see you soon!



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