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Tribal Vision June Book Giveaway…

2 lovely reviews of my book, Tribal Vision, from LibraryThing.com, a wonderful readers’ book source!  Thought I would share them, see below…   🙂

and announce a June Book Giveaway, Tribal Vision: A Celebration of Life Through Tribal Bellydance

Tell us, here in my blog, why you would like to read and win a copy of this book!

Simple, I will give away 3 copies of the book, write in by June 26th to enter, and your entree and name will be drawn out of the hat (turban)…Please include your name email . (This is for United States residents only)


“I am haunted by this book. Not because of the content, which is compelling, honest, intriguing, and empowering. It is because I long so desperately to begin Tribal Belly Dancing on my own and don’t know how to find a local group, if one even exists here in the reserved Midwest. I also know of no places to purchase the clothing and accessories here. Why must I live somewhere where it is so difficult to experience such a well described spiritual awakening based on the realization of your own private feminine sexuality? I will pass this book along to my female friends in an effort to spread this powerful and inspiring message, hopefully to the benefit of starting our own group here in Northern Indiana.”
“I received this book in a Member Giveaway, but found it unexpectedly appealing. While I have no intention of taking up Middle Eastern dancing, if I did, this would be the kind. Not a how-to book, Tribal Vision is rather a celebration of an earthy, exuberant dance form, and of the author’s journey to and participation in its development. As a historical costumer, my enjoyment of the book was enhanced by the many color plates of the dancers and their fascinating attire. I’ll be passing the book along to some of my dancing friends so that they can enjoy it as well. “
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Book Giveaway Winner!

Wow, I received some personal and thoughtful answers for my question, “What you love about tribal bellydance, and why”… Thank you all for taking the time to write your thoughts to me and participating! It means so much to me to read your words. Here are the writings—they are so worth reading over and over… Continue Reading