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Taking Tribal Global, In Their Own Words – Amalia dell’Aquila


IMG_3060Deirdre’s Dance Den with Amalia dell’Aquila

On my dancing travels with Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™ , I am honoured to meet so many lovely people – genuine folks who are kind, generous, and dance beautifully and…when in Italy, kind also enough to speak English with me! My understanding Italian is better than my speaking talent, although it is amazing how dance movements are boundary-less!

Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (TM) is global and Paulette’s dance opens up a whole new way of thinking as well as moving and connecting with your body and others, incredible stuff!

Amalia dell’Aquila is one such wonderful person. She dances in the Caravan Project Italia with Cinzia DiCioccio, and has sent me some of her thoughts on her dancing world and joy.

“I always had the passion for the dance. When I was 20 years old I thought to be too old to start a dance class…so I gave up my dreams. What a pity, what a waste of time! Later I went to a performance of bellydance and tribal together. It was love at first sight.

When I “felt ready”, in my later 30’s, I started with bellydance class and became the assistant of my teacher, learning to teach bellydance too. Then in 2012 I met Cinzia and Paulette. It was magic! Love at first sight, again—not only with this joyful dance but with the philosophy that forms the entire Gypsy Caravan format. I’m so in love with all of it.


I’ve learned to live in my own body and to be proud of it. Feeling all the power and the energy that my body in motion can create. Dancing with sisters, without competition, only to enjoy the freedom, the pleasure of sharing, the joy in the rhythms, helped me to enter in a new dimension. The dimension of pure wellness and the dimension of the sacred feminine.

Collective Soul One class, Sept 2014, Milan
Collective Soul One class, Sept 2014, Milan

Tribal in Gypsy Caravan format helped me a lot with my work too. As a Naturopath I’m doing a lot of research on the Chakra system applied to the bellydance movements.

Caravan Project Italia

I have just completed Collective Soul Level 1. It was a stunning experience. Improving my movements in learning a new language. Meditations, journaling, dancing, playing zills, and than laughter, emotions and dance again. No words can explain: go, see, dance and start a new life style!

After Paulette’s dance visit this past spring, I started to dance with Cinzia and 5 friends in the Caravan Project Italia. Caravan Project Italia is a dream come true. When Cinzia asked me to be part of it I felt thrilled and joyful! We meet on regular basis for workshops and rehearsals, even if we live in different parts of our Country. It’s all about hard work, always with smile on our faces, performances (in Milan and Ferrara by now), team work and sharing. “

Amalia dell’Aquila, Milan, Italy

Amalia – thank you! I get goosebumps reading your story – the power of our dance resonates beyond the movement indeed!

And now my reading and dancing friends out there, can you tell me your story, whether its as a participant, observer, musician and/or dancer!

best wishes in dance


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