Taking Tribal Global – Responsibility, Honor and Excitement!

I hope you are all well out there in Gypsy Caravan land – from Deirdre’s Dance Den it’s looking like a fine day! Usually I am telling you about all the fabulous things that Gypsy Caravan Tribal Style Bellydance (TM) brings and opens up in dancers, students and teachers around the world-  but this time the wonderful experience is personal, it’s GCDCI1 (1)mine to share!

I was happy and tired whilst reflecting on my recent trip to assist Paulette on her UK visit to teach at the Majma festival in March, followed by an intensive 3 days for my Gypsy Caravan Master Teacher certification for Collective Soul. I was accompanied by by wonderful Tribal sister Cinzia DiCioccio from Milan in both these experiences which was an honor and a pleasure! (Myself, Paulette and Cinzia in the photograph, left to right)

The trip involved assisting Paulette in 5 workshops over the weekend to literally hundreds of women, some long-time GC  students and others new, and it was incredible to be part of this hard work, and the self-discovery of students learning. The binding Tribal Magic was not just underlying but full blown in the room…Wow! Loved it!

Majmacircle (1)

It set me up with an excitement and a responsibility that was visceral, not only for the workshops in helping and assisting Paulette as best I could , but also for my first performance as part of Gypsy Caravan Dance Company International!

Watch it here!

Our Intensive was hard work and self-revealing in many ways. To take on the responsibility as part of a team with Paulette for carrying on such incredible dance experiences and to assist, inspire, share the stories and the moves, are a privilege and not to be taken lightly, but also incredibly thrilling! This is a positive life-shaping  journey for myself as well as the dancers, and I am happy to be on the evolving and continuous GC Tribal road.

My journey that had started 14 years ago in Portland when I walked into her studio there has reached another milestone. This dance and the lifestyle and ethos resonates deeply with me and I am grateful to Paulette Rees-Denis for trusting me thus far and to Cinzia Di Cioccio for accompanying me in that week. That week is just the start of another journey as it opens up a whole new arena of personal and student development. We are both teaching Collective Soul Certifications in Italy and Scotland in the fall 2014 – watch for it!


So joyful hard work enabled by an understanding and supportive soulmate and dancing girl at home – it doesn’t happen in isolation!  Its a great moment to realize that you are spending your time on something that you love and is valued.

Thanks for being here — and please share and tell me your stories… each step, event, spark of inspiration is motivating! Leave your comments in the space below…


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