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A warm welcome once more to Deirdre’s Dance Den. Are you ready for more great stories from Gypsy Caravan Tribal Style Bellydance- land (TM)? How can you resist a smile and a reminder of what you get from and give to this dance life- isn’t it great? I had written previously about Breitenbush, the fabulous annual retreat that Paulette runs in Oregon deep among the mountains and hot springs.

Renee Drellishak shares her experience about her time there below. It is her 11th (or so, bliss blurs the memory!) time. Renee is from California and lives in Seattle, Washington. She is a member of the Amazon Hearts troupe (Amazon being in the heart not the height!) who have been together for around 4 years, dancing at local haflas and festivals- even the odd 8-year old’s slumber party!  Renee’s dance journey  has taken her so far to Gypsy Caravan Teacher Training 1 and Collective Soul One and Two Training as well. In Renee’s words:

Renee with Paulette

“What’s happening in my dance world? SO MUCH! A few things here and there on the performance schedule, but as we all know, this dance goes far deeper than performance. Our troupe, Amazon Heart, is experiencing a baby boom (hooray for more baby Amazons!) and at the same time is coming together with some members of my former troupe, celebrating our shared history and friendship and joy in dancing together.  

And then there are all of the thoughts and feelings and memories and plans that have been stirred up since attending Paulette’s 21st annual retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs last month! It was my 11th time going (I think. All of those luscious days spent dancing and soaking and eating chocolate start to blur together in a fabulous haze) and as always it was full of rest and renewal and inspiration (and perspiration!). Every year I am brought back to what matters to me most in dance: connection and community. Connecting to my sense of purpose, my inner artist, the joy of movement, the circle of women that I call friends, what it is to be a woman in this world in this time…it all happens at the retreat. I returned home rested and relaxed and reinvigorated, prepared to be a better dancer, friend, wife and mother.”

Renee, on right







Whats your latest re-connection with your dance and this great community we have? We all need those times, whether they are long or short, that re-energise and rejuvenate our pleasure in life, dance, and ourselves! Sometimes its just a long soak in the bath, or it could be a full-on sweat inducing drill with dance pals or a meditation that lets our creative mind wander. Share and let me know what’s firing up your Tribal cylinders!

Email or message me your stories or share your views with me, in the comments on our blog, here….

Yours in dance and shimmies,

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