Taking Tribal Global…Mexico…and what is rocking my Friday!

Helloooooo! Greetings from Mexico City!

Did you miss me? I missed my Friday rockin’ blog list last week, and a few blog posts in between, cuz I’m traveling in Mexico this week…long flights, late night suppers in the square, early morning car journeys to teach weekend dance workshops in Queretaro, more car traveling, a bit of delightful sightseeing in San Miguel de Allende,


(tons of photos on my facebook pages too!) and more days full of more dance…12 hour days actually, and then late night suppers, and oh yeah, some exhaustion…I do try to do advance writing, but it doesn’t usually turn out that way…but hey, no worries… here I am, sweaty, tired, and satiated with guiding a great workshops, Collective Soul and Teacher Training intensives, with support by my Gypsy C. dancer, Nina Martinez from Australia,…fabulous tribal dancers here in Mexico City, and now getting ready to finish this  post up for you with some goodness to share…

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And BIG congratulations, plus lots of love, to Dafne, Muriel, and Alexa for Collective Soul Level One as well, I soooo love bringing more awareness to Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (the original!)… Told you it was a dance packed week! Plus adding CS2 and TT1 while I’m here…And this coming weekend, two full master class sessions and a big performance Saturday night… We aren’t done dancing yet! And many thanks to Walky for sponsoring Nina and myself.. what a gift…

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Tribal Rocks as we keep taking it Global….


What is rocking it for me this week… enjoy!

Women of the week!

(loving posting these gals for you, they are so rockin it for me… aren’t you thrilled to read about other women who are doing life up right?)

**these is so freakin cool! what a mom–Jaime Moore

** and whoa…talk about determination and will and perseverence and genius and beauty and so much more wrapped up in this gorgeous shakin’ body…Maysoon Zayid

 **a healer and friend of mine writes about being a magical being…thanks Allison Carr!

**How does this relate to dance?   Repetition in music….

**Orphans for Orphansbuy some now! I need a pair of flip-flops…you?

**ok, cuz I love dogs, and these are fun, gorgeous, serious, and some hilarious photos by Elke Vogelsang

**and the Food Babe strikes again! right on…

**AND, I have three new online classes almost ready to send your way! Very excited about these, and you will have fun dancing at home, drilling some familiar moves, with some new steps,  and tribal love! Soon….. 🙂

Alright my friends…leave some comments below so I know you are here with me and you are liking what you are reading! and enjoy your weekend…


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