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Sitting in my backyard on these glorious fall afternoons is one of my favorite things, work all morning, take a lunchbreak and bring my ipad outside to do some writing and relaxing. The sun is beaming down on me, the garden is dry and ready for the coming hibernation, (am I?), my dogs are at my feet, I’ve got my trance class prepared for this evening, I’m blending packing for my England trip in two days with all the days activities, and now I listen to my little family of hummingbirds in the bush, and my neighbor is strumming on his guitar. Can’t get much better than this.
I”ve wanted to finish up posting my thoughts about the Yamas, about the power practices, and today, about living in the moment. I talk about this a lot in my dance classes. dancing Tribal really is about being present, to be able to act on and create in that moment, the moment of connection with your partner or your class. Being able to catch the movement as it happens, and be in it, and appreciate the synchronicity of the now.
This is called Aparigraha – living in the present.
I have learned this more in the past months, through all of my changes, transitions–the moves, the closing of my store, selling my farm, and finding where I am in the dance, again. For myself, right now. And what a glorious place to be. To find that moment, and knowing that right now, this is enough for me. It seems like for years, especially in my 30’s and 40’s, i was grasping, always looking a head for what I wanted,w hat I could achieve. And saying things like, “oh, when this is done, I will have that.” OR, ” I’ll get there once I am done with this.”
but that always took me out of the pleasure that I could have had at that moment.
I see that now.
when I am here, with myself now, I know this is how I hold my power, and able to do the things I love, right now. Sure it is great to project and have dreams and desires for the future. but to not grip onto what you think you will get later, if only you do this now…
I feel so much more content, and powerful, now. I love my work, I love what I have to offer you. and I love sitting out here in my backyard, taking it all in. The details are beautiful, I”m where I am right now, and it feels freakin’ great.
How about you?


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