Wednesday thoughts and quotes

Do you have any Heroes? Mentors? Gods? Who inspires you? What moves your soul?

I love to read, write, listen, watch…so many wondrous ‘things’ in our world…sometimes earth-shattering, sometimes awe-inpsiring, sometimes so very simple…it all makes up the big picture, yes?

One of my heroes is Seth Godin, a writer, business-man, and one who really lives life to the fullest, questioning, reasoning, watching, sharing. If you don’t know him, he has written many books, blogs daily, lectures, gets around… He says things that only begin to formulate in my brain, and puts so many thoughts into perspective.

I’ve written a lot about change. My changes, my troupes changes, your dance changes… never being fearful of change, I look forward to it, as it moves me into a better place. many resist change, never change, stay stuck, fearful of what could be ahead.

Here is something I read recently from that man Seth: instead of using the word ‘change’, use the word ZOOM! Zooming is strethcing your limits without threatening your foundation. A different way of handling new ideas and new challenges.

Why not try having a new zoomwidth?

I love that! You?

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