Wednesday Thoughts and Quotes


Good morning my friends…

“Awesome dancers

have discovered the inner passion

that transforms their movement into art.”     Rhee Gold

There is a website called

that I like to check out every now and again. It is uncanny, sometimes, when I do, and I find the inspirational messages speaking right to me, at that moment. Synchronistic moments, I’m sure you have had those. When you find just the right thing that you need at just that right moment.

Like our synchronistic dance form, our tribal bellydance, or our words, or our art, when all flows together in one big union, everything comes together to make that art piece, usually unspoken, as if by magic! It is magic, the spirit moving through us, as we open up, empty out our creative vessel. To get the message, to spread the message, the art, the wow, whatever that is in each of us, as artists.

But you have to be willing to receive it, to trust yourself, down deep. Yes? To be in the right body, the right frame of mind, the right shining minute. To be in the place where you are able to bring that spark, that vision, to fruition, to be your most fabulous creative self.

I’ve been fortunate that way. I step out, step off, take the leap or the plunge or whatever you want to call that magical place, to allow myself to move forward, usually without expectations. And it is grand. And I invite you all to take that step, that leap, do it today, don’t wait, trust yourself and make your life the most f*^%ing fabulous life you want! Have at it …

“OK, so there is a curve in the road.

Dance down that road to discover that it could be the best curve of your life!”  Rhee Gold

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