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Good Wednesday to you my friends!


So much going on in my GCTB headquarters these days… I love growth and contribution, journeys and words, teaching and dancing, sharing and giving, and more than anything I love to see where our dance, our wellness, our inspirations take us, collectively and individually… Nothing makes my heart beat faster when  client makes breakthroughs, a dancers steps up to her desires, a body feels better, and life gets even better and juicier! You know I LOVE what I do… what I can share with your and guide you to and dance with you and watch your journey unfold!

One of my projects right now is having three, not one, but three new websites built, for Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®, for my Movement, Momentum, and Magic Transformational Coaching page, and for Tribal Grooves™! So exciting…and here is my new logo for GCTB!!! Isn’t it just so freakin awesome??!!


So while I’m in this process, I have asked my dancers to re-write about their journey with me and for themselves…

Christine Haviland, from New Zealand, sent me this this morning and I have to share with you… my heart is singing and my gratitude well is overflowing…I have just spend several weeks with her in New Zealand, traveling around the country teaching and dancing, and what a beautiful time it was, very profound…

Enjoy her story…

christine-3-tf2015-deMy Gypsy Caravan journey started in 2002 meeting and dancing with Paulette and her husband and musician, Jeff Rees, in Auckland, New Zealand. I already knew I loved the dance but the feeling of Dance connection was intriguing and I wanted to know what else it had to offer.

In 2009 I made the decision to go to Adelaide, Australia , I gained Gypsy Caravan’s Collective Soul Certification Level 1 AND Teacher Training Level 1.

Since then I have continued my role in this Sisterhood. I’ve explored my passion for our Dance which has also fueled my creativity enabling me to create my own range of Tribal Head pieces and accessories.

I am proud to say I am part of GCDC, Int, Director of Caravan Project Auckland and NZ, student at CS level 4 (for now), Certified teacher Tribal Grooves™  in Level 1, (first in NZ) and most recently GCTB Master Teacher Level 1. In this newest role I am excited to be able to take the Dance across NZ!

My life circle embraces Family, Friends, Dance, creativity, Health & Fitness, uniting life, work and dance balance which feeds my contentment. I enjoy the Self awareness and healthy mind set that evolves .
Being involved and sharing with others as they bloom as women and dancers is so rewarding and I feel honored to be part of that.

GC is so much more than just a Dance. There is christine, paulette 2014=- NZsuch an intense surge of energy created in the circle when we dance, that connection is palpable to both dancers and those watching, its raw and inviting, a special moment, recreated whenever we dance, however big or small the circle.

Its definitely a lifestyle choice which weaves its way insidiously through your life embracing and uniting in all areas. That shared experience growing together on so many levels; learning more about ourselves as the woman, the student, teacher, mentor and dancer within, its nurturing and grounding.
We refill, refuel and reconnect each time we gather.

We are forging Roots of the GC tree of Dance … sharing the knowledge and the connection, our growth, our individual journeys and the growth of this Sisterhood.

The energy we share is powerful and woven across the Globe, this Dance unites us, I am fortunate to say I have a GC global family and have danced with women all over the world.

Amazing… our global tribe is so full of love and inspiration and wisdom and gratitude! I am so honored and blessed… and this is a great way to being our Thanksgiving long weekend…

full of gratitude!

many thanks for being here on our journeys together…

















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Dance and Desire:

From the Body to the Page:   Honor, Claim, Desire

A three day movement and writing journey

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Lynea Gillen, and Elena Lipson

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