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Friday Bling, and I love…

Friday Bling, and I love…

I love waking up early on Friday and know that I will be connecting with you, in some way, through this blog!

I love sharing with you things that touch my soul.

I love the ease with which we can connect, you and me, via the internet, and I am still awed that you reside all over the globe, and here we are! How wonderful is that?

I love that I get to go the animal shelter this morning, volunteering my time to help make the world a better place.

I love that I started a new tribal bellydance class last night in my town, and that I’m home long enough to have a series of classes. And the class was so fun. I have wanted that.

I love that it feels so good to move my body, in familiar ways, to feel that sensual womanly flow.

I love red lipstick.

I love roasted crispy kale for breakfast.

I love that I can sit here and feel the abundance in my life, the life that I have created for myself.

I love my work, and that I can share and guide you with ways for you to have the life and work that you desire.

Desire. Dance. Words. Flow. Connect. You. Me.

Tell me. What do you love? Right now?

Share in the comments below. Tell me, I want to know.

Friday Bling

Christine Northrup and ageless goddesses!


a bit of hip shakin for you!

Resilience Cafe…

Dancing makes you smarter poster

thanks Angela Kay Hendrickson

There is a facebook page for dancers over 50!



Feature of the Week…

Desire Mapping tools! Day planner special this week! Only six left…I love this journal!

on sale through March 15th…two more days…

Hey biz gals…You may already know that being in business can be a tough road to navigate. Being a woman in business with family, managing a home and trying to take care of yourself well too can be even harder.

My biz buddy, Amy Wright is a Lifestyle Concierge for Busy Entrepreneurs and she knows all too well the struggles that women in business face. She assembled a rockin’ expert panel in her virtual event, Busy Bitches in Business, that addresses many of the issues that cause ladies to lose their sanity in a hurry.

In this event, awesome teachers (myself included) will give you quick, precise, actionable tips in less than 30 minutes on subjects like meditation, sex, mindset, healthy eating, branding, money management, business law, saving time and so much more.

Hope you will join us…Come on in and see what I mean, and I’ll see you there http://busybitchesinbusiness.com/

Alright my cupcakes…

take a few to acknowledge your sweet self, and then, if you desire, tell me what you love…

have a blessed weekend…




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